WoodTECH Update – Issue 10

12 December 2018

Welcome to the latest update for Australasia’s sawmilling and wood manufacturing community. It’s the last WoodTECH issue for 2018. Thanks for your contributions that you’ve made during the year and ongoing support for It’s certainly been appreciated.

This month, with only days before we break for the traditional summer shut-down (other than those unfortunately having to work on maintenance or new installations over the Christmas period) we have several stories and news items that we think you’ll find interesting.

First off, Hyne Timber has recently announced a major expansion of their Glue Laminated Timber plant in Maryborough, Queensland. As part of the new upgrade, 14 new machines supplied by the Australian firm, Stirling Machinery (the machinery arm of the Accurate Timber Products business) have been purchased and are being installed. The Hyne Timber project is the biggest yet for Stirling and after a busy year, they’re planning on launching a New Zealand branch in 2019. The Hyne GLT project is expected to completed by mid-2019.

In new technology, we’ve included a piece reporting on the growing popularity in Canada of an engineered wood product called nail-laminated timber (NLT) panels. We’ve included access to a new report that’s just been produced for Bioenergy Australia by KPMG highlighting the role that the forestry and wood products companies can play in bioenergy production through the supply of renewable wood waste and timber residues. As a useful read, we’ve also added a piece that looks at predictive maintenance including tools that those of you who are involved in plant maintenance will be familiar with, vibration monitoring, infrared thermography and ultrasound monitoring.

That’s it for 2018. Have a great Christmas break and we’ll make contact again early next year.

Stories this issue:

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