Two new wood treatment plants installed

28 April 2023
Two modern wood treatment plants, one Waterborne plant and the other an LOSP plant, both complete with storage tanks, pump sections, electric cabinets, and software were turn-key supplied by the Danish company Moldrup.

For three generations, the Moldrup company has now more than 1200 plants operating worldwide. They started in a field where the first generation built its own vacuum pressure treatment plant for its own purposes. Over the years the Moldrup company found themselves capable of making closed processing plants for both pressure impregnation, vacuum drying, fire retardant treatment, and also TMT and biobiowood plants for chemical modification. The Danish Moldrup company also today runs Joint Ventures in several countries overseas.

Photo: Two vacuum pressure impregnation plants for treating with Waterborne and LOSP are running by the Tilling Group in the Pacific

Source: Moldrup