Timberlink launches employment campaign

31 October 2017

Timberlink’s growth and reinvestment has been significant over the past 5 years and the plans are for this to continue. With this strategic imperative of growth and sustainability, the company has recently launched a campaign promoting the employment and career opportunities at the Australasian company.

Since becoming Timberlink, the business has increased its employment by 151 additional full-time equivalent employees over the past 5 years and these additional people have joined the business from a range of industry backgrounds, technical disciplines and skills sets.

Timberlink’s CEO, Mr Ian Tyson, commented that “we are very proud of our growth and the exciting new opportunities with our business, both for internal promotion and external recruitment. The one common ingredient in all of this is our commitment to our personal and professional culture. It’s those ingredients that will help us continue to be successful with our customers and also provide rewarding jobs and careers with Timberlink.”

The new employment campaign was launched in August and includes both traditional and on- line media to promote the Timberlink business as being “big technology, big machinery, and big on safety and people”. The themes are obvious and probably could and should apply to the whole industry, especially when you look at our whole supply chain.

Timberlink is proud and pleased to be leading the charge on promoting these aspects of their company and the overall timber industry.