Timber Unlimited launched in NZ

4 September 2023
The use of timber to reduce climate-changing emissions from the local construction industry became easier and more accessible with the launch of Timber Unlimited to builders, designers, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and others involved in the building sector throughout New Zealand.

Formerly the Timber Design Centre, the new name Timber Unlimited reflects a commitment to being the leader in timber design and innovation and providing information to make it easy to choose and use more timber in construction.

Using funding through the government’s Forestry and Wood Processing Industry Transformation Plan (ITP), Timber Unlimited is a practical initiative offering research, technical expertise, tools, guidance, and information to promote the use of wood in building and infrastructure projects across the nation’s commercial, industrial, multi-story and public sectors.

Timber Unlimited Director Robert Finch says Timber Unlimited will also work to dispel many myths about using timber in New Zealand. “Part of creating is to build belief in the possibilities of timber. We have created a program called Timber Decoded – this will help dispel common myths and preconceptions about timber.”

Iconic New Zealand Architecture firm Warren and Mahoney is a strong wood advocate using timber extensively in its award-winning buildings. Principal Simon Hardy says the company believes mass timber not only also creates beautiful, cost-effective architecture, it has huge potential for reducing carbon emitted in building construction.

“As designers, and as an industry, we can and must embrace innovation and sustainable practice by building the expertise, technology, and knowledge to drive change. Warren and Mahoney have formed an Advanced Timber Unit to help support the advancement of low carbon mass timber design, as we know the potential is huge.”

To assure its attraction and accessibility to the industry, Timber Unlimited was developed following careful research and listening to the needs of sector professionals and builders, Mr Finch said.

“This gave us insight and information how Timber Unlimited can positively influence perceptions about timber and building material choices. Importantly, it highlighted the perceived barriers to using wood, specifically in commercial construction. This information has proven critical for Timber Unlimited to dispel myths and concerns around wood and to increase creativity, confidence and, ultimately, a surge in its use throughout our industry,” he explained.

About Timber Unlimited: We are a timber industry-neutral, non-profit service established to help the design and construction industry build a better future for New Zealand with timber. Our particular focus is to encourage and facilitate the use of timber in the commercial, industrial, public, and multi-story sectors. We are underpinned by a Consortium Agreement between our founding members: Wood Processors and Manufacturer’s Association (WPMA); New Zealand Timber Design Society, BRANZ and Scion.

Source: Timber Unlimited