Tech leap: LiDAR scanner in new iPad

1 April 2020

LiDAR technology is nothing new to Lim Geomatics and their leading edge teams love seeing innovation with LiDAR technology. As Apple released a new iPad Pro with a LiDAR scanner, Nick Gralewicz, Director of GIS, shared his thoughts around their announcement

“There is lots of excitement around the LiDAR scanner in Apple’s newest iPad Pro and what this means for augmented reality (AR) applications. LiDAR technology has been around for decades (driver-less cars, city mapping, enhanced forest inventories) and improvements to the technology have brought cost, size, and portability to a point where it can be included in a consumer-grade device. Many speculate that the iPad tech is a precursor to what may be included in Apple AR glasses, another step towards practical AR use in our everyday lives.

Practical use of AR is what excites me. Our goal has always been to provide users with powerful data, presented in a simple and useful way, right when they need to make impactful decisions. Lightweight and inexpensive sensors are making it easier to create AR applications but meshing useful real-time data with solid user experience is still the end goal. The iPad Pro is a great first step in that direction.”

Read Apple’s announcement here >>

Source: Lim Geomatics