Taranakipine Saw Shop Upgrade Project

31 March 2024

The Taranakipine saw shop upgrade project all started with a conversation about a saw trial on site of the Thode designed Variable Pitch & Depth profile with the dream of the projected gains in productivity paying for a state-of-the-art re-fit.

The Thode VPD profile differs from the more traditional ascending and descending patterns that had been more commonly used over the years, by using an alternate layout of the pitching to create a wave looking profile further enhancing the effects of the VPD concept.

Working with Taranakipine’s saw shop contractor, Craig Robinson of Fred Robinson Saw Doctors and sawmill manager Rodney Baker, the trial got the go ahead and two saws were ordered “ready to run” meanwhile Craig and Rodney set about gathering as much information as they could to form solid base line data of where the sawmill was currently performing.

In mid-September 2021, the Thode VPD saws arrived on site and the trial was underway.

There was noticeable difference in performance instantly and at the end of the trial with all the data collected the improvement in sawmill performance was significant!  

This information along with a list of the top-of-the-line Iseli machinery for a full saw shop fit out was then presented to John Sanders, Taranakipine’s Plant and Projects manager so the numbers could be crunched for justification.

The capex put together by John and his team flew through board approval and the order for the Iseli machinery was placed.

Meanwhile we set to work planning the new saw shop layout. We used 3D models of the Iseli machinery to generate several floor plans for different layout options, and through consulting with Craig we found the perfect layout to maximize space and flow through the saw shop for what he and the team needed for ease of day-to-day operation.

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Source: Thode Knife & Saw