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Thank you once again for agreeing to speak at our event. This form covers all our Innovatek and FIEA events.

Please fill in the following Speaker Checklist to help us better prepare, promote and manage the event. This will only take 5 to 10 minutes. While you don't need to answer every question, the more you include will enable us to better promote you and the event.

The form includes your official contact details, profile photo upload, bio/intro, sharing approvals and promotional details.

If you have any difficulty in submitting this form, or have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible on (+64) 7 921 1382.

Speaker Checklist 2024
Speaker Details
This is only relevant if you are attending the event venue in person
Please list any dietary requirements.
Speaker Photo & Profile
Head and shoulders photo - high-quality image (file size over 200kb) as a jpeg or png. If you don't have one available, most modern phone cameras will take a good quality photo. We use this photo on the website, promotional materials, conference guidebook and on the main display at the event. We convert all photos into a 500px by 500px square.
This is a brief description of your role, the number of years in the industry, what you have achieved within the industry and what your 'drive' is. Please keep it short - 600 characters.
Social Media
Presentation Approvals
We convert all speaker presentations into PDFs for sharing with ATTENDEES post-event online. Are you happy for us to include your presentation?
We may select a number of presentations PDFs to share publicly on our websites. Are you happy for us to include your presentation?
Many events are video recorded and streamed live for our online event attendees. Depending on the event, these recorded speaker presentations are uploaded for on-demand viewing by ATTENDEES post-event. Please note that not all events are recorded or supplied to attendees. Are you happy for us to include your recorded video presentation?
If recorded, we may select a number of video presentations for on-demand viewing by the public on our websites. Are you happy for us to include your recorded video presentation?
This is a quote we could use in press releases and other media promotions. Ideally, this is a sentence about technology, industry trends, or the event itself.
This is a very brief and early promo (100 - 150 words) about your presentation. Used for the website AND press releases, etc. Just answer one or two of these: What is the big idea? Why is it important? What is the issue you are addressing? What do you want people to learn?
Do you have any additional images we could use for promoting the event? You can upload multiple files. Total max file size 10mbs.
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