Practical workshops set up for local sawmills in September

16 May 2017

As outlined in a previous issue, the two-yearly sawmilling technology event, WoodTECH 2017 will again be running for sawmilling companies in both New Zealand and Australia in September this year. An integral part of the programme will be an insight into the very latest in wood scanning, sawmilling, and mill optimisation technologies from around the globe.

“Again, it’s a who’s who of international saws and sawmilling technology that will be travelling into Australasia,” says Mr Apthorp. “We already have over 20 North American technology providers and a significant number of European suppliers that will be involved in WoodTECH 2017.

“What makes 2017 special is the series of workshops that have been set up for local mills,” says Mr Apthorp. “For the first time in Australia and New Zealand, a series of practical troubleshooting workshops have been designed for a much wider cross section of sawmill production and operational staff. They’ll be providing a unique insight into how sawmills can extract the best performance out of their saws, their machine centers and sawing operations”.

Workshops of between 60-120 minutes are being given on; quality & lumber size control, troubleshooting and improving band-mill, gang and board edger performance, selecting, operating and maintaining log carriage and optimiser (softwood and hardwood) operations and saw-guide selection, installation, operation and maintenance.

“Based on discussions with local mills, we’ve rejigged the two-yearly update in both countries. The change in focus is to encourage sawmill teams – management, mill production, saw-doctors and maintenance staff – to take advantage of the line-up of world class international specialists being brought into the region to work alongside local mills” says Mr Apthorp. “This will ensure that teams can collectively put the practical learnings into practice once back on site”.

Workshop presenters, who will be well-known to many working within the industry include; Nick Barrett, President, SiCam Systems, Canada, Joe Shields, Machinery Support Technician, USNR, USA, Marv Bernhagen, Vice President, Lewis Controls, USA, Chuck Boaz, President, Corley Manufacturing, USA, Ralph Wijesinghe, (Author of the Bandmill Book), Canada, Josh Bergen, Owner, Precision Manufacturing, Canada and Udo Jahn, General Manager, Modern Engineering, Canada.

Full details on the programme in both countries and each of the workshops can be found on the event website, It runs in Melbourne, Australia on 20-21 September and then again in Rotorua, New Zealand on 26-27 September 2017.