New debarker for Northport

5 December 2022
C3 Limited and Pedersen Group are scheduled to install their new Debarker at Northport in early December 2022. Commissioning of the new Pedersen Group Debarker at Northport is planned for the end of December 2022, and trials commence in January 2023. The Debarker is predicted to be fully operational in late January 2023.

The plant consists of a Nicholson A5 Series High Speed 27” Single Ring Debarker unit forming the central hub of the operation. It is supported by the infeed log deck, outfeed log bunk, access platform, waste conveyor and control room. Six highly responsive knife arms have adjustable carbide tips providing suitability for seasonal bark removal. The line speed is controlled via a VSD (variable speed drive) and spec to run at 105 metres per minute. Log specifications for processing are a minimum of 100mm and a maximum diameter of 630mm.

Pedersen Group is the owner and installer of the new Debarker at Northport and will be responsible for the training of the operators. C3 Limited Marsden Point manages the day-to-day operations, and the branch and operational management will ensure synergy by overseeing marshalling and debarking services.

Source: C3