Mid-rise Advisory Program to WoodSolutions

30 July 2022
Australia’s Mid-rise Advisory Program (MAP) is entering its next phase, which will see the management baton passed from the existing, dedicated MAP team into the capable hands of WoodSolutions.

Since 2016, the MAP team developed a strong reputation for providing expert, impartial advice to building and design professionals and key industry decision makers. In partnership with the federal government and industry sponsors, this unique program has become renowned for engaging and educating the construction industry around the benefits of timber and supporting specific project applications using engineered wood products (EWPs).

Comprised of Australia’s leading technical specialists with experience in architecture, structural engineering and costing, the team has shared information based on up-to-date research findings to progress the adoption of timber in mid-rise construction. Members have acted as advisors and facilitators, helping project teams to optimise and realise the benefits of timber systems.

The program has enjoyed great success that following its initial three-year pilot period in Victoria and Queensland, it was expanded to cover all Australian east coast states, along with additional limited coverage for South Australia and Western Australia. This development was a strong endorsement of everything the program achieved during its first three years.

Since the program’s inception, it was agreed funding arrangements would be reviewed at the six-year mark, and in the event that industry partners elected not to continue their funding contributions, management, contacts and resources would be handed over to the WoodSolutions team.

After careful consideration by members, the MAP program has drawn to a close. During an ongoing period of handover, WoodSolutions is working closely with the MAP team (as it has done throughout its existence) to ensure the many exciting ongoing projects are completed as intended. Beyond this, WoodSolutions will work to build on the impressive legacy created by the founding team.

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Source: FWPA