Local testing draws near for Mercedes-Benz

25 January 2023
The first all-electric Mercedes-Benz trucks bound for Australia and New Zealand have rolled off the production line.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks will begin a local validation programme for the zero emission eActros in Australia and New Zealand this year. An all-electric eEconic will also undergo a validation programme in Australia. Four eActros and one eEconic electric trucks will operate with a wide range of fleets in Australia, while one eActros will operate in New Zealand.

Both Mercedes-Benz electric trucks have received full approval to operate on Australian roads as both have been designed to fit within our region’s width restrictions. As a result, there are no operation restrictions and customers do not require any specific permits regarding design rule exemptions.

The focus of the eActros is for heavy-duty short radius distribution and development trucks have been working in select fleets in Europe since 2018. The eEconic has been in operation in Europe since last May and the Australia and New Zealand models will be used for waste collection in urban areas.

The eActros and eEconic are largely built on the same lines as diesel-powered trucks at the Mercedes-Benz Trucks factory in Wörth, Germany. The trucks are then transferred to the Future Truck Centre area, where they are equipped with electric drive components.

Globally, Daimler Truck is committed to advancing battery electric technology for trucks and buses, but is also working on hydrogen fuel cell technology that is suited to longer distances at higher weights.

While hydrogen fuel cell trucks are currently being tested and developed, they are still some years away from being showrooms.

Source: transporttalk