In-forest electric or electric hybrid machines

12 February 2024

On-site and virtual registrations to this year’s Wood Transport & Logistics 2024 event are now streaming in. Interest in the pre-conference workshops including the LTSC Driver Certification and the Trimble Forestry using integrated e-docket workflows workshops likewise continue to flow in.

With a focus on large wood transport fleets now rolling out operationally a raft of alternate fuels to decarbonise their trucking fleets, the event this year is also looking at some novel approaches and trucking configurations set up to extract wood off steeper slopes being taken by Offroad Trucking Services and Pacific Haulage.

The Wood Transport & Logistics 2024 event will also for the first time be exploring efforts being made to use alternative fuels inside the forest by log harvesting operations. Mike Hurring Logging has been operating NZ’s first Logset 8H GTE diesel-electric hybrid wheeled harvester in production thinning operations in Otago/Southland forests.

And from Finland, Ponsse has teamed up with Epec, a manufacturing company that specialises in electric / hybrid electric vehicle and autonomous systems, to develop another first, an electric machine concept for forwarders with 15-tonne load-carrying capacity. Epec’s technology is already been used in electric or hybrid-electric commercial vehicles and non-road mobile machines.

As part of this year’s Wood Transport & Logistics 2024 event, both Mike Hurring and Ponsse will be providing early insights for local forestry companies and contractors on future options for taking electric or electric hybrid machines out into the forest.

Full programme details and information on the 22-23 May event being run in Rotorua, New Zealand (and on-line for those outside of NZ and Australia) can be found on the event website