Carbon Forestry 2024

Carbon Forestry is an industry-led event discussing the future of forestry and carbon markets. It covers new opportunities and policies in carbon planting, investment and the growing carbon offset markets
  • 20-21 August 2024, Rotorua, New Zealand
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Past Events

WoodWorks Seminar - May 2024

7-8 May 2024, Christchurch, New Zealand
WoodWorks Seminar & Site visits to local mass timber buildings under construction

ForestTECH 2023

14-15 Nov 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
21-22 Nov 2023, Melbourne, Australia
14-15 Nov 2023, Virtual Event
Remote Sensing, Inventory Management, Mechanised Silviculture

WoodWorks North 2023

19-20 September 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
WoodWork's objective is to grow the capability and use of wood in commercial and multi-residential buildings throughout our cities. This event brings together architects, project managers, designers, fit-out specialists, quantity surveyors, BIM specialists and engineers.

Carbon Forestry 2023

29-30 August 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
Markets | Developments | Legislation

Residues2Revenues 2023

25-26 July 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
25-26 July 2023, Virtual Event, New Zealand
Step changes in wood residues utilisation

Environmental Forestry 2023

20-21 Jun 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
Improving our environmental performance in forestry

Wood Transport & Logistics 2023

24-25 May 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
24-25 May 2023, Event Virtual
Insights into wood handling & transport innovations, automation, log scheduling & logistics being employed by leading forestry, wood harvesting and log transport companies

ForestTECH 2022

15-16 Nov 2022, Rotorua, New Zealand
22-23 Nov 2022, Melbourne, Australia
15-16 Nov 2022, Virtual Event
Remote Sensing, Inventory Management, Mechanised Silviculture

WoodWorks 2022

8-9 November 2022, Rotorua, New Zealand
Bringing together leaders in engineered wood design, construction, production, architects and specialists. It is THE mass timber meeting place!