Highland Pine to upgrade planer controls

30 July 2020

Highland Pine Products in the ongoing desire to improve product quality and operator safety are going to upgrade the controls on their Coastal Planer with a Gilbert Retrofit.

After installing over a hundred Automatic Cutterhead Positioning systems on Gilbert and many other brand planers in North America such as Yates, Newman, Stetson Ross and Coastal planers, Gilbert will be retrofitting the first Coastal Planer in Australia at Highland Pine.

With the remote support from Gilbert, Acora, will install the same five servomotor controls (as installed on a Gilbert) on the four cutterheads and bedplate. This system will create a safer environment for the planer area. Easy to use, it allows for fast and easy recipe changes and offers optimal precision and higher grades.

Customers who have retrofitted from hydraulic motorization to the Gilbert Electric Drive conversion benefit from: better safety, better product quality, less maintenance, consistent speed and product flow, increased torque, improved production and less downtime.

Over the past two decades, Gilbert has earned its title as a world-class leader in the planermill industry, installing hundreds of its renowned high-speed planers in over 10 different countries. In addition to these installations, Gilbert also offers upgrades for numerous other planer brands. Its state-of-the-art technology can be retrofitted on older machine models increasing productivity and efficiency, an interesting alternative for mills running on a tighter budget.

“We have improved our uptime by 98%.  Before we had the electric drive system in place our planer was our choke point and now nothing stops the planer.  This was 100% worth having in our mill.”

Blake Barrington, Lincoln Lumber Jasper LLC

For further information, visit the Gilbert website to view its Line of Planers, as well as all other available retrofits that will improve your planer production.

Source: Acroa, Photos: Gilbert