First Silvicultural Micro Innovation Challenge

16 February 2024

Three NZ$15,000 awards to turn your idea(s) into reality. Let’s level up our Silviculture game!

Silviculture activities – planting, pruning, and thinning – are critical to successful forests, influencing not only the health and form of our trees, but the overall potential yield. We want to support the great work you are doing by helping you turn your ideas that make Silviculture tasks easier, faster, cheaper, safer, and better, into reality.

The Silviculture Micro Innovation Challenge is a chance to win one of three NZ $15,000 awards to help you build a working prototype of your concept. The Challenge finishes on Friday 8 March 2024 at 5pm.

Your idea will be a technical or engineering solution to difficulties Silviculture workers face performing day-to-day planting, pruning, and/or thinning work. It doesn’t need to be fully formed, but an indication of build costs and timeframe is beneficial. If you have built your prototype already – it still counts! There’s no limit to how many ideas you can submit.

Click the button on this page to register your innovation. There are no long proposals to write, just tell us what problem you are trying to fix, your idea in a few words, and upload some pictures, drawings, and/or supporting information.

Visit to register your idea and be in to win NZ$15,000 to build and test your prototype.

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