Forest Industry Safety Summit 2021

New practices, systems and tools for improving forest safety
  • 13 April 2021, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND
The Forest Industry Safety & Technology conference showcases new practices, systems and tools for improving forest safety – focused on local and practical outcomes.
John Stulen, Director, Innvoatek

Forest Industry Safety Summit 2021


The Forest Industry Safety & Technology 2020 event run in conjunction with HarvestTECH 2021.

People and culture are a strong driver of safety improvement. Our keynote speakers focused on how CEOs need to initiate and own changes in safety attitudes. A major theme of this year’s event was what drives culture change and how everyone in the workplace can benefit from learning from incidents in a informative and positive way.

Technologies and Systems

At the same time as software is making safety administration easier, machinery technologies are changing fast at the leading edge of primary and extraction industries. Our focus was to bring leaders with relevant experience in exciting new technologies that can help us in forestry.

Technologies from within (think Waratah’s developments on chainshot) and autonomous control from outside (think Rio Tinto’s Mine of the Future at Pilbara) were showcased. Many of these innovations, which have already been successfully adopted by the industry, were highlighted throughout the event.

Who Attended

  • Forestry contractors
  • Forestry managers
  • Forestry owners
  • Forestry consultants
  • Health & safety leaders
  • Harvest planners
  • Transport operators
  • Government representatives