Early EOI to present – WoodTECH 2020

30 October 2019

The very successful WoodTECH 2019 series has just been completed. With the focus on green-mill or sawmilling operations, around 350 delegates from local mills and technology providers from around the globe, were involved in the technology series that wound up in Melbourne, Australia on 18 September. Details from the event can be found on

From discussions with mills and tech providers at this latest series, discussions are already underway to start planning for the 2020 WoodTECH series. Like 2018, the focus next year is again on new technologies, new processing systems and case studies to showcase “smart operating practices” in dry-mill, wood treatment and timber manufacturing operations.

What’s being considered for 2020?

At this stage, based on requests and suggestions from industry at previous events, coverage may include;

– Industry 4.0 and application to manufacturing
– Opportunities with VR and AR in a wood manufacturing environment
– Robotics and automation
– Advances in wood scanning and board optimisation
– Wood treatment and wood modification technologies
– Use of machine production data to drive the business
– Mill maintenance planning
– Sensors, bar coding and timber tracking
– Wood plastic composite advancements
– Technology and process improvements in;
– Finger-jointing, ripping and cross cutting
– Timber gluing and laminating
– Timber machining
– Kiln drying
– Surface finishing
– Material handling operations
– Wrapping & strapping
– Heat plant options and energy savings initiatives
– H&S, training and skills development
– Waste management and disposal
– Q.C. systems
– Timber standards changes

Early details on the 2020 mid-year event being run in both New Zealand and Australia can be found on the event website, Interest following the recent sawmilling series in the event is already keen.

If interested in presenting (as a wood producer or tech supplier) as part of the WoodTECH 2020 series in August 2020, please contact BEFORE Friday 8 November 2019. Remember, if possible, case studies or more generic presentations on the technology and how implemented into wood manufacturing operations to improve the company’s operational and financial performance are preferable to product updates.

Note: Information on opportunities for exhibiting will be advertised and sent out in the next couple of months. Early expressions of interest can be made directly with

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