CLT Toolbox launches software for mass timber buildings

28 April 2023

Introducing CLT Toolbox, the revolutionary mass timber design software that simplifies the engineering process and promotes sustainable building practices. With its streamlined design and comprehensive education, CLT Toolbox makes it easier and more cost-effective for engineers to design and build with sustainable materials. Developed with support from leading mass timber suppliers, this state-of-the-art software is changing the game for the construction industry.

With the building industry setting ambitious goals for the decarbonisation of embodied carbon, timber plays a critical role in achieving these objectives. CLT Toolbox removes the barrier to entry, empowering all structural engineers to design with sustainable materials and further enabling the decarbonisation of construction.

Key features of CLT Toolbox include:

1. Streamlined Design: CLT Toolbox eliminates the need for engineers to spend hundreds of hours creating custom Excel spreadsheets for timber design, saving incoming engineering consultancies over a $100,000 entry fee. The software optimises the design process, making it more accessible for engineers unfamiliar with mass timber.

2. Comprehensive Education: CLT Toolbox addresses the knowledge gap left by traditional university courses, providing education and resources tailored to the needs of structural engineers designing with timber. The software empowers engineers to confidently design with sustainable materials.

3. Tailored to Timber Design: CLT Toolbox is not a black box, offering a transparent and collaborative approach that takes into account supply chain availability and is designed as a web-based app. This tailored solution allows engineers to work efficiently and effectively with timber design.

Source: buildingconnection