Carbon Forestry 2023 SOLD OUT

30 August 2023

Innovatek’s Carbon Forestry 2023 Conference SOLD OUT. In August 2023, over 330 industry leaders, corporate emitters and investors attended the event in Rotorua, New Zealand and virtually online. This annual event has become the place to meet and learn about what’s happening in this expanding investment class. This event continues to grow in attendance especially when we look at how important forestry is in New Zealand’s response to climate change.

The New Zealand Government’s decision to revisit rules for forestry projects in the ETS in 2023 has caused major concerns amongst foresters and investors alike. Early announcements created market uncertainty and significantly impacted NZU prices.

Climate Change Minister, Hon James Shaw spoke at the event and took part in an active Q&A panel discussion session. He reinforced the Government’s view that forestry and the ETS will continue to be vital components going forward. New Zealand is committed to a carbon-zero future and a strong forest industry is needed. He committed to attending the conference in person in 2024.

Our Carbon Forestry 2023 Conference programme included a wide range of industry leaders and covered case studies, legislation and policy updates from New Zealand’s ETS scheme. The sessions provided a diverse array of opinions and discussions on the future of carbon forestry and where it fits within traditional land uses of forest harvest and farming and on the fusion of carbon forestry and farming.

Sessions covered:

  1. The mechanics of carbon markets – both local and international
  2. New Zealand’s ETS policy updates
  3. Developments in demand-side markets
  4. Who’s Involved – Supply-side and Case Studies
  5. What’s Next and What Might Prove Challenging
  6. Future Carbon Landscape

Stay tuned for further updates about this event and what’s planned next!