Band saw sharpening technology passes to ISELI

20 February 2018

From 1 January 2019, ISELI, swiss producer of processing and sharpening machines for band saw, gang saw and circular saw blades, will support the product line “wood cutting band saws” from VOLLMER.

Guarantees and warranty obligations, as well as maintenance contracts for machines that VOLLMER concluded with customers up to the acquisition date shall remain with VOLLMER. This means that service activities and the spare parts supply, as well as the application support for all machines delivered up to 1 January 2019 from the product area “wood-cutting saws”, will continue to be performed by VOLLMER without any restrictions.

The disposal of this product segment is part of the long-term corporate strategy of VOLLMER. In the future VOLLMER will focus more on its growing business areas of CNC-controlled grinding and eroding machines. VOLLMER will invest more heavily in the product areas “circular saws” and “rotary tools” and equip them with additional resources in order to develop new technologies, services and machines. Image: Vollmer