AU$6m investment in Tasmanian wood processing

8 February 2022
The Tasmanian Government is investing in our AU$1.2 billion timber and forestry industry to gain higher returns by increasing value-added production and supporting more jobs in regional Tasmania.

Seven projects around Tasmania will share in an AU$6 million investment through our Forestry On-Island Processing Program to help the sector turn existing wood supplies, as well as wood residues, into higher-value products.

All up this injection of funds will lead to a direct AU$23 million investment in modern processing and production processes in facilities located around the State, from Smithton to Bell Bay to Glenorchy.

The projects receiving funding include upgrades to processing facilities that will see more value coming from Tasmanian’s renewable forest supply by converting low-grade plantation timber into high value boards and also construction of wall and roof trusses to be sold across Tasmania and Australia.

The successful projects are:

Timberlink Australia Pty Ltd – AU$1,063,304 to create a finger-jointing and priming line to convert low-grade and short length plantation pine into high value boards, fascia and posts.

CMTP Pty Ltd – AU$2,500,000 to upgrade their Branxholm Sawmill facility to a world class standard, significantly increasing processing volumes of sawn log at increased lengths, with an improvement in timber recovery. The additional sawn timber volumes will replace imported timber.

McKay Investments Pty Ltd – AU$1,049,235 to upgrade truss plant facilities for the manufacture of wall and roof trusses and install an upgraded finger jointing and laminating plant.

Britton Brothers Pty Ltd – AU$689,000 towards a specialised timber recovery line that will join short lengths of timber into useable long sections.

GL & VN Barber Pty Ltd – AU$250,000 to upgrade the existing kiln drying facility and install timber moulding capability to produce sawn timber and by-products from lower grade logs.

Koppers Wood Products – AU$250,000 to upgrade their Longford pine processing facility to reduce waste and significantly increase the efficiency and output of treated pine post-production processing.

Bakes Sawmill Pty Ltd – AU$147,668 for the purchase, installation and commissioning of wood treatment equipment to produce treated timber for a range of products – adding value to what is currently chipped residue wood.