Innovatek delivers world class events and digital platforms - Connecting industry with the latest technology, innovation & intelligence

Technology Events

We create innovative event platforms to promote local and international innovation to industry. Over the last 20 years we have run over 500 major technology events throughout New Zealand, Australia and North America.

Digital News Platforms

We create digital platforms to provide the latest news, innovations and intelligence to industry. This includes publishing Australasia's leading forestry industry e-newsletter, Friday Offcuts.

Recent Events

Environmental Forestry 2024

25-26 Jun 2024, Rotorua, New Zealand
Improving our environmental performance in forestry

Wood Transport & Logistics 2024

22-23 May 2024, Rotorua, New Zealand
22-23 May 2024, Event Virtual
Insights into wood handling & transport innovations, automation, log scheduling & logistics being employed by leading forestry, wood harvesting and log transport companies

WoodWorks Seminar - May 2024

7-8 May 2024, Christchurch, New Zealand
WoodWorks Seminar & Site visits to local mass timber buildings under construction

ForestTECH 2023

14-15 Nov 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
21-22 Nov 2023, Melbourne, Australia
14-15 Nov 2023, Virtual Event
Remote Sensing, Inventory Management, Mechanised Silviculture

WoodWorks North 2023

19-20 September 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
WoodWork's objective is to grow the capability and use of wood in commercial and multi-residential buildings throughout our cities. This event brings together architects, project managers, designers, fit-out specialists, quantity surveyors, BIM specialists and engineers.

Carbon Forestry 2023

29-30 August 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
Markets | Developments | Legislation

Residues2Revenues 2023

25-26 July 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
25-26 July 2023, Virtual Event, New Zealand
Step changes in wood residues utilisation

Environmental Forestry 2023

20-21 Jun 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
Improving our environmental performance in forestry

Wood Transport & Logistics 2023

24-25 May 2023, Rotorua, New Zealand
24-25 May 2023, Event Virtual
Insights into wood handling & transport innovations, automation, log scheduling & logistics being employed by leading forestry, wood harvesting and log transport companies

Event Management

Trusted, Experienced and Skilled. We have organised and run more than 500 events throughout New Zealand, Australia & North America over 20 years. While we have a wide range of conference and exhibition clients, our reputation has been built around a close connection with the primary sector and an understanding on how technology and innovation impacts on these industries.

Our events include a wide range of:

  • ConferencesExhibitions / Tradeshows
  • Workshops / Seminars
  • Awards Nights / Industry Dinners

Events Organisation

Organising and running an event is a complex and time consuming process – there is so much that can go wrong. We are here to make that whole process easy, seamless and stress free for you.

We can cover a range of event management services:

  • Conference planning
  • Full design of speaking programme
  • Event branding and marketing
  • Sponsorship acquisition
  • Event registrations
  • Speaker, sponsor & delegate management
  • Event execution

We offer a wide range of conference and event management services designed to give you the best possible experience. Please contact us for a full set of event design and management services. We will ensure your event will attract the right delegates, presenters and trade exhibitors to meet and exceed your expectations.

Innovatek are professional event organisers, with offices in Rotorua and Dunedin, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. We have a wide range of conference and exhibition clients and our well-deserved reputation spans more than 20 years.

Event Services

Events are made up of many individual components. While we specialise in the complete package, we can also help in a number of areas, including:

  • Independent advice on venue selection
  • Venue liaison and coordination
  • Managing event action plans for organising committees
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Helping prepare event budgets, pricing and financial statements
  • Event promotion and advertising
  • Event marketing including online campaigns, brochure design, production and distribution
  • Event website design and management
  • Sponsorship sourcing and exhibition management
  • Management of delegates’ registrations
  • Social programme organisation and coordination
  • Speaker management
  • Proceedings collation, design, printing and distribution
  • ‘Hands-on’ personal and professional event services on the day
  • Post event management to maximise your event’s impact

With our proven knowledge, attention to detail and capability to deliver innovative, customised, professional and successful events throughout Australasia, Innovatek looks forward to hearing from you.


Warren Grigsby
Scion & Member of PRBBCS Organisation Committee
“For me personally, the value of Innovatek came in the last couple of months prior to the conference and the week of the conference. Organising a conference is a thankless task, but with many of the administrative tasks handled by Innovatek we, as a conference organising committee, found the burden taken off us in the last weeks leading up to the conference.”
Mary Drummond
Marketing and Administration Advisor
Energy for Industry
“We found Innovatek's professionalism, organisation and execution of the Wood Energy Conference consistent with previous involvement over several years. Once again the event was very well orchestrated in every aspect of contact.”
Peter Hall
Project Leader
“The speakers & presentations were of a high standard and the networking opportunities excellent. The effort put in to get the speakers organised and their presentations published prior to the conference was much appreciated. The conference staff were very helpful and professional.”
Dr Ruud Kleinpaste
The Bugman
“I have nothing but praise for the manner in which Innovatek organised and executed this Conference. It was one of the smoothest events I have ever attended and it was done with class and character. The catering was perfectly organised, the timing was impeccable, the venue “dressed” appropriately and with style.”

Digital News Platforms

We publish a range of e-newsletters with the aim to better connect industry with the latest news, technologies, innovation and market intelligence.

Our biggest e-newsletter is Friday Offcuts. This e-newsletter is read by 10,000 each week and has, for the last 15 years, been a leader in the industry for weekly news and current events.

Communication with industry members is a vital element to any organisation and providing a well-run e-newsletter is the best way to keep everyone informed on the current happenings within your industry. E-newsletters are also a great way to bring a community together and help spread the knowledge about new technologies to improve their business.

These digital news platforms are recognised as the leading weekly news sources in the Australian and New Zealand forestry sectors.

We have also developed, and as regular targeted newsletters to key industries within the forestry and wood products sector.

We have developed proprietary technology and processes for the creation and management of digital news platforms. We would love to talk to you further about how this could help you and your industry.

For details on advertising in any of our industry newsletters or event sponsorship in general, please contact Gordon Thomson via (+64) 7 921 1384 or

Industry Newsletters


About Us

Innovatek started in 1998 as a technology transfer event management company and has well over two decades within the industry.

A large part of the initial business has been in running the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) and an extensive series of technical programmes for forestry and wood products companies. Over 500 programmes throughout New Zealand and Australia have been run to date. These provide an independent forum for local companies to evaluate new technologies.

FIEA is well established as a leading provider of technology transfer services for forest products companies throughout Australasia. It has very strong linkages and partnership arrangements with most major technology providers, equipment suppliers, research institutions and industry associations throughout the region.

Innovatek has since run additional technology transfer events into a number of primary sectors throughout Australasia and, in more recent times, Canada and USA.

Innovatek also publishes the forestry industry’s leading e-newsletter, Friday Offcuts. Starting back in 2005, Friday Offcuts quickly became the leading source of weekly news and technologies for the forestry industry. This enabled the launch of Friday Offcut’s sister publication, WoodWeek (now finished). Both e-newsletters have gone on to lead their particular niches and provide a successful platform for others to utilise the system within their own sectors.

Along with FIEA, we also provide secretarial and management services for the New Zealand based Wood Council, the Southern Wood Council.